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With Gas Mixture Creator Software you can easily define all the parameters of the MCQ Instruments Gas Mixers. With a friendly interface, you can manage all the settings to create customized gas mixtures, save/recall them when needed, and have more automation. All products in our catalog have USB Interfaces for communication with computers and laptops.

Icon Pre-Mixed Gas Cylinder
Control every parameter of your gas mixtures.

Pre-mixed Gas Cylinders are notoriously expensive and limiting. By using the MCQ Gas Mixers with High Flexibility it is possible to create dynamic gas mixtures at any time, letting you free to set your flow rates, concentrations and blending on-demand from different sources of Gas.

Icon Mass Flow Controller
Manage. Set. Check. Create. Without limits.

A complete gas mixing software, that allows direct access and control to all the parameters of our products. Thanks to a user – friendly interface, you can change the gas ratio in real time for each channel, modifying and controlling the final total flow rate of the final blending, your dynamic dilution, and much more.

Icon Gas Mixer for Laboratory
Automation and Flexibility. Recall programs

Save and recall your different gas mixtures. Create your gas mixing program by setting a sequence of gas mixing, for a certain time (sec, min, hours) with/without pause and cycles.

Icon Laboratory in a Box
Switch easily your sources of gas.

Each channel is calibrated on a gas of your choice (N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, He, H2 and others on request).
Do you need to change the source of gas? No problems, it’s a matter of a click through our list of precalibrated K – Factors or creating your own personal one.

Icon Gas Mixer Easy to Use
No specific skills are required.

Gas Mixers are easy to use and FULLY AUTOMATED. No specific skills are required to start creating your Gas Mixtures. Fast, stable, accurate, provided with an intuitive software and touch display. It assures top performances even when managing low flow rates.

Icon Integration
Easy Integration.

ProfiBus, ModBus, Matlab Simulink compatible and USB, Bluetooth, WiFI and RS485 Bus ready to use. Python Library supplied.

Icon Software Gas Mixture Creator
Edit and Customize.

Create, save and load your automatic mixture programs and recall them anytime. Calculate in a matter of a click the K-Factor of non-pure gases at your wish.

Icon Touch Screen Gas Mixture Creator

Create, save, and load your automatic gas mixture program. Set the percentage of each channel, the total flow of the mixture, and time work (h, min, s). Add, delete, copy and paste all the lines you need. Once the program is created you can choose to save it in an external file and recall it when you need it.

Icon Certified Gas Mixer

Create your own cylinder composition and maximize the instrument’s accuracy. The custom cylinder function allows to create a no-pure gas cylinder and calculate the correct K-Factor. After choosing the name of your own cylinder, set the main component and the percentage in %, ppm, or ppb of the minor gases and visualize the calculated K-Factor.


Specify the flow-rate value for the total flow mixture.

Specify the percentage concentration for each channel.

Re – load default gases of calibration.

Visualization of measured data.

Save the current mixture.

Load the current mixture.

Manage Gas Settings.

Change the gas type for each channel.

Display the K-Factor.

Enable or Disable channel.

Change balance gas.

Display Gas Blender Hardware information.

Create and Automate Routine Laboratory Test.

Select Time Work for each Test Line.

Add, delete, copy, paste or remove Test Line.

Save an Automate Routine Test in an externalfile.

Load an Automate Routine Test from an externalfile.

Create your 3 components Custom Cylinder.

Calculate your customized K-Factor.



Gas Mixer for Laboratory. A lab in a Box.
Experience the freedom of creating and controlling your own Gas Mixtures in only a few steps.

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